Core Values

MMY Foundation Core Values

  • Faith:

We believe that Allah is the only true source of total health, we transforms this believe into our patients through medical efforts, prayers, care and gratitude.

  • Respect:

We treat others with courtesy, compassion and kindness while maintaining their dignity and respecting their individual opinions and beliefs.

  • Excellence:

Excellence is a passion for going beyond expectations in all that we do. It is a commitment to improving our knowledge, skills and attitudes in the pursuit of care, service and quality.

  • Collaboration:

We work with our patient’s medical and non-medical staff, each other and external partner’s technologist and pharmacist to offer the highest quality health care. We are a part of an interconnected system in which all players have vital roles..

  • Integrity:

We think and act with honesty and in the best interest of our all patients, visitors, co-workers and the Carle organization.

  • Continue Improvement:

People are able to trust that we will do our work, maintain the highest standards and follow through on assignments, promises and innovations.