In 1958 Madare-Milat, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah (The sister of Quaid-e-Azam M. Ali Jinnah , the founder of Pakistan and an active political figure in the movement for Independence from the British Raj.) inaugurated the Public chest clinic #2 situated at Farooq Gunj, Misri Shah, Lahore. This clinic was established under the supervision of Lahore district T.B. Association, which was only for the treatment of T.B. Patients. There were a lot of T.B. Patients in the area. At that time only screening facility was available for the patients. L.H.V. use to visit door to door to talk with the patients. Clinic property was on rental bases and its case of possession was pending in the court, whom decision declared in the favour of other party. With the help of balef landload party threw out all the clinic furniture on the road. Right at that moment when they were throwing out the clinic furniture on the road Mehar Muhammad Younas and his other family members were passing by them and witnessed heart breaking incident. They purchased a building and settled the clinic there, all the expenses beared by Muhammad Younas and his family. In 1981 Minister of Aukaf Zakir Hussain inaugurated the clinic and the keys of this clinic presented to him under the name of Rabia Welfare Clinic. Now, It is a fully equipped 50 bedded hospital organised and managed by Model Group (MMY foundation)


HEALTH CARE OPPORTUNITIES: more than 3 Million patients treated since 1981

Our nobel habits & practices of Rabia Welfare Hospital are those qualities on organization stands and operates. These values are a reflection of our culture and our character. Our employees are the source of our strength and our success. We encourage and support their involvement and growth to uphold the following values that are basic to quality and Excellence

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